“Invita la casa” is a scientific journal edited by the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Málaga, which focuses in architecture, studied from different areas.
“Invita la casa” focuses on construction, design, theory and urbanism, promoting connections between these aspects of architectural discipline. The journal proposes a link between professional practice and research. 
The journal is addressed for researchers but also for professionals interested in the connection between research and professional practice. Architects, engineers, philosophers, historians, sociologists, geographers and in general everyone passionate for architecture will find in “Invita la casa” contents of interest.
The journal organizes each issue around a topic, which accepts analysis from the areas previously mentioned.

The approach construction refers to all aspects related to structures (typologies, design, calculations…), technology, building systems, impact of regulations, relation with design….etc.
The approach design explores the issues specifically connected to the architectural project.
The approach urbanism refers to landscape, urban science, city layout, urban analysis…etc. 
The approach theories refers to those architecture and urbanism disciplinary topics, history, theories about history of architecture, architectural debates…etc.
Submissions must be the result of a research focusing on any of the mentioned approaches. Articles might come from individual or collective researches, academic studies, the result of the activity of a Research Group, R+D+I programmes….To sum up, submissions must be more than an journalism article.