The preferred method of submission is by email to:
A Submission File should respect the following criteria:

 “Invita la casa” is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. We intend to publish only original material. Authors will be required to obtain and provide permissions to reprint any images, etc., for which they do not hold rights and should ensure the permissions will be obtainable if and when publication occurs.
Manuscripts should conform to the Chicago Manual Style, published by the University of Chicago Press. Pages should be numbered consecutively. Please find it at .

In Spanish and in English. A subtitle might be included.

Between 3000 and 6000 words.

In Spanish and in English, 150 words maximum. Aim, methods and results must be described herein.

Four must be included. Architects’ names will count as one.

Must be as clear as possible.

Illustrations, Graphics, and Photos
Any images, etc. which accompany your article should be identified with the figure number corresponding to the position within the text, as well as a caption or description and appropriate credits information.

The only bibliography included would be that in direct relation with the article submitted.

Footnotes should be numbered consecutively, and references to them indicated by corresponding numbers in the text. Must be concise.

Submission procedure
A Submission File should include:

  1. Microsoft word file.
  2. PDF file with the article inclusing the images, graphics and tables in the preferred place to grant the best possible understanding of the manuscript.